Roomscale Plus

By early 2017 the size limitations of my domestic PCVR space sparked a thought – how big could SteamVR tracking actually scale?

Only one way to find out…fate aligned with the offer of unlimited access to a large retail store in London’s Canary Wharf area.

I packed up my HTC Vive and PCVR rig and somehow got onto a local train.

The store had a number of different large spaces that could easily be made empty for early morning sessions before the store opened at 10am.

Always read the manual!
Vive wands in the workshop
PCVR (i7 + GTX1070) on mechanics trolley
Time to build some towers!
Extruded aluminium alloy extrusions for minimal weight but maximum rigidity. Timber block for damping any localised vibration to isolate lighthouse.
Towers allows maintenance of optimum lighthouse basestation angle relative to horizontal, whilst increasing height to enlarge tracking volume
Lighthouse Tower testing in workshop
Checking tracking set-up
Workshop area with rubber flooring getting ready for user sessions
PCVR moved into stockroom
5am setup in the stockroom
Time for Space Pirate Trainer in the stockroom
PCVR on mechanics trolley with WiFi on non conductive mast and 25 metre mains power cable
Lighthouse Tower set-up in the performance room
Preparing the performance room for 5.30am start with 3 guests
Lost somewhere in “Roomscale Plus” virtual reality
Valve’s The Lab secret shop
Out of bounds in Vive home
Out of bounds in Vive home

The answer? 6.36 metre X 6.36 metre with sync cable (before tracking failed). This equated to a 9 metre diagonal distance between the two lighthouse Tower mounted base stations.

Thanks for reading! Rob Cole

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