Joystick alignment

Ever wondered what the Index controllers would feel like without the trackpad?

In other words if the joystick was properly aligned with the thumb’s natural (relaxed) forward extension, not requiring any lateral (side) deflection to comfortably use.

Natural pose showing forward extension of thumb
Image from my Index ergonomics article showing small lateral deflection to left required to use oval trackpad
Image from my Index ergonomics article, showing considerable lateral deflection required to use joystick on Index controller
Improved by fitting 3D printed “Palm Boosters” but thumb still bunching as joystick is too far back for natural extension
Joystick cover being positioned to align with thumb’s natural forward whilst minimising lateral extension, even without the “Palm booster” the difference was very beneficial
Cardboard holding joystick cover temporarily in place
Using the original joystick on the Index controller demonstrates the degree of deflection required to operate the stick; placing an abnormal load on the hand which can be uncomfortable and cause hand fatigue as well as driving the joystick at an off centre angle – perhaps accelerating wear to the joystick module
Using the new joystick position clearly displays the reduction in hand stress with no lateral deflection required to operate, the forward extension is now correct for this hand
Trimmed down card piece with tape holding joystick cover in place to display the ideal forward location and lateral alignment for this hand

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