Headset Image Library

I’ve had the pleasure of using many different VR and AR headsets during the past 5 years, some of these are shown below

HTC Vive Pre
HTC Vive
HTC Vive Business Edition
HTC Vive Business Edition with Hyperkin cover
HTC Vive Business Edition with harness
Samsung GearVR
Google Daydream
Daydream Cool prototype
Google Daydream 2017
Custom headset with Leap Motion at The Void
Custom backpack PCVR rig at The Void
HTC Vive Pro
HTC Vive Focus
HTC Vive Pro with Leap Motion and backpack PCVR
Oculus Go
Oculus Rift CV1
Lenovo Explorer WMR
Oculus Quest
Microsoft Hololens
Valve Indices (Plural of ‘Index’)
Magic Leap
HTC Vive Pro Eye
Oculus Rift S
Valve Index with Xbox controller and Xbox wireless dongle in Frunk
Bose AR Audio glasses
HTC Vive Pro Eye with wireless module
HTC Vive in Beat Saber arcade machine
Samsung Odyssey Plus WMR

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