Index ear speaker teardown

“Ever wondered what was inside those neat off-ear speakers on the Valve Index?”

Valve’s Index VR headset uses “Balanced Mode Radiator” (BMR) ear speakers with custom drivers made by Tectonic for Valve.

The Index ear speakers audio have these characteristics:-

  • Built-in: 37.5mm off-ear Balanced Mode Radiators (BMR)
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 24KHz
  • Impedance: 6 Ohm
  • SPL: 98.96 dBSPL at 1cm.

How do they attach?

BMR Ear Speakers on the Valve Index PCVR headset
Torx t6 tool used to loosen fixing screw to release ear speaker from headstrap
Speaker pods attach to the Valve Index headset using a keyed circular ‘pogo pin’ mounting system between the headset’s headstrap and speaker
Pogo pin mounting socket found on left and right side of Index headstrap; the gold plates are electrical contacts which the spring loaded pogo pins lock against
Growing collection of Index BMR ear speakers
Carefully removed plastic cover (glued), I pushed it open using a flatblade screwdriver through the open slot for the height adjuster
Sliding height adjuster at minimum, power cable routing accommodates movement of height adjuster
Sliding height adjuster at maximum
Circlip retains speaker pod axle
Circlip removed
Ear speaker pod pulled free from arm
Cut the power cable to remove the pod completely from the speaker arm
Looking closely at the “pogo pin” system, it’s cleverly designed using the springs to apply pressure to the pogo pins (to ensure contact with headstrap audio pads) and to a metal sledge allowing vertical adjustment of the speaker with enough resistance to prevent unwanted movement.
Carefully breaking adhesive seal on speaker pod
Speaker pod with seal broken
Wire basket removed from driver unit
Wire basket
Foam damper from driver wire basket
Speaker unit containing driver
Power leads feeding driver at heart of speaker unit
Using side cutters to remove plastic ribs surrounding driver core
Ribs removed allowing access
Speaker core with metal grill removed
Magnet and coil driver

Please follow this link for more information from Valve about the Index audio development

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