Сedar Lakes Casino

Сedar Lakes Casino has established itself as not only a veteran online casino, but it has also retained its image as one of the most trustworthy spots for online gambling. It was voted the Casino Operator of the Year at the 2013 Internet Gaming Awards, Live Casino of the Year at the 2019 awards, Operator of the Year at the EGR Nordics Awards in 2020, and has a total of 25 accolades.


Сedar Lakes Casino was founded in 2008 by Сedar Lakes Casino Ltd. and operates under the jurisdiction of the Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. As of 2019, Сedar Lakes Casino has been purchased for £242 million and is now owned by William Hill LCP. Therefore its license has extended with the UK Gambling Authority as well as the Malta Gaming Authority.

With a slogan that promotes ‘green gaming,’ Сedar Lakes Casino has earned a reputation amongst online gamblers as a secure and reliable online casino. The casino runs on a multi-software platform, offering games from several leading game developers, such as Habanero, PlaySoft, BGaming, and NetEnt.

There are over 300, no-download required games available on their website, and over 200 games have been adapted for mobile versions (supported with the latest versions of iOS, Android, and Windows phones).

Сedar Lakes Casino has a collection of over 300 games, over 200 of which are adapted for mobile versions, and over 60 of them are played in live tournaments. The online casino has been in partnership with 23 leading game developers from all over the world and offers a range of games from slots to scratch cards, from Keno to Bingo, from poker to roulette, and from Monopoly to Craps.

Сedar Lakes Casino offers players 300 no-download games on its online interface. Over 200 games have been converted to mobile games and over 60 have been modified to play in their live casinos as well as sports betting in over 35 games. There are games from over 23 game developers including top developers such as NetEnt, PlaySoft and Habanero.

300 games certainly sounds like a lot, but how does that number compare to other online casinos? Frankly, Сedar Lakes Casino would probably be one of the lowest rated game providers if he was based purely on numbers. Fortunately, this is not the case. To make up for the lack of games, Сedar Lakes Casino only offers the most reliable games available today. Swap the numbers for quality, honesty and trust, that’s what this online casino is all about.

An important feature that most players fear (or at least should fear) is RTP – Return to Player. The RTP is usually listed as 95%, 96%, 97% and 98%. Simply put, RTP is the amount of cashback guaranteed to the winner after a certain number of games in the online casino database.

The remainder (from 100%) is what the online casino leaves for the game. Higher RTPs (closer to 100%) show that players are more likely to get their original amount back. At Mr Green, the average RTP in games is 97%.

Сedar Lakes Casino is most proud of its wide selection of slot games. 200 out of 300 games (plus or minus) are slot machines. Among them are games like Starburst, Twin Spins, Sticky Bandits, Henry VIII and Fruit Spin. Some of these games are online casino classics, some are newly launched and some are designed specifically for Сedar Lakes Casino.

24 out of 200 slot games are jackpot games: when a player plays these games and earns big money on his bet or deposit, he is eligible for the jackpot (some games only offer to give or receive jackpots). If you are an avid gamer, you may have heard of the favorites like Mega Moolah, Divine Fortune, etc. It is worth noting that the maximum jackpot won by Сedar Lakes Casino was $18 million.

Board games
Table games are typically any of the three traditional in-person casino games (with some tricks and graphics to appeal to online demographics): online blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

However, at Сedar Lakes Casino, players have access to over 30 blackjack games, 32 roulette games (Ra Roulette, Live Speed ​​Roulette, Immersive Roulette, etc.), 5 poker games, 3 Texas Hold’em games, 2 baccarat and other games. games such as bingo, keno, etc. To create live casinos and live table games, Сedar Lakes Casino has partnered with Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and Extreme.

scratch cards
While many (if not all) online casino games are gambling, nothing shows this better than scratch cards. In Сedar Lakes Casino, players have a choice from regular scratch cards to Keno and Bingo. Scratch cards are a rarity, even when it comes to online casinos, so Сedar Lakes Casino will help you on all fronts.

Mobile casino
In 2016, Сedar Lakes Casino received the Mobile Casino of the Year award, enough to start a conversation about Сedar Lakes Casino mobile casino. iOS devices will install the Сedar Lakes Casino Mobile Casino app, which can be found in the iTunes store and requires at least version 8.1 of the operating system. While the Android app is not yet available on the Google Play store, it can be safely downloaded from the website and installed without any problems.

There are over 200 games compatible with mobile devices. It is also possible to play the games from the website on your phone, although downloading the mobile versions is preferable.

The interface of Сedar Lakes Casino mobile casino is something like this: two menus – one displays important information for the player (deposits, limits set, bets, etc.), and the other menu displays games. Players respond positively to the mobile interface. Plus games are divided into sections and subsections for convenience.

There are 225 slot machines from different providers, several table games and some live dealer games such as video poker, live blackjack, live roulette and live baccarat. Their mobile casino also has some exclusive games like Сedar Lakes Casino Moonlight, Сedar Lakes Casino Grand Tour and many more. You can access the Sportsbook through their mobile app.


Customer support is available in the form of live chat features, promotions are constantly offered, and there are many reasons why Сedar Lakes Casino is considered an outstanding mobile casino.

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